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  • IPMG Chairman, Ait-Allah Mejri sharing his insights:

IPMG Chairman, Ait-Allah Mejri sharing his insights:

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COVID-19 provided a stark reminder of the enormous social value of a robust public health system and the dire consequences for the population when public health capabilities are allowed to decline through negligence and underinvestment.

In a previous post, we have highlighted the areas of focus that are in need of transformational change.

These challenges which long precede the pandemic have become the focal point of the new health minister who made it his priority to enhance the sector’s preparedness for future public health emergencies.

Growing awareness of the need for more public-private collaboration is an important and promising feature of this transformation.

At IPMG we are ready to do our part. We are willing to work with all stakeholders to deliver a stronger, more resilient, affordable and equitable health care system for all.

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