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KPK Invited IPMG to Discuss the Business Practice in Pharmaceutical Industry

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On Thursday 24th of August 2023, IPMG participated in the dialogue between the industry association and the Directorate of Anti-Corruption for Business Entities (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi). The agenda of the meeting was to prevent corruption in the business ecosystem, particularly in the healthcare sector. In the dialogue, Gakeslab was also invited along with IPMG to mainly discuss about the inputs from the industry regarding any act that is fathomed or considered deviated against the law and business ethics at the practical level.

IPMG fully supports all the efforts and initiatives by KPK in preventing the practice of corruption in the healthcare sector. Several inputs were raised through the dialogue in regard to the practice of business in the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, IPMG also stressed on the challenges of patients in receiving therapy options that might be impeded due to barriers in access to the National Formularium (ForNas) including Local Content Requirement (TKDN) measurement.

Despite the challenges and barriers against international pharmaceutical companies, Ani Rahardjo, Executive Director of IPMG stated that “IPMG member companies as originators have been committed to delivering innovation since fifty years ago in Indonesia. As research-based companies, our members focus their innovation on quality, safety, and efficacy.” Furthermore, KPK acknowledged IPMG concern regarding TKDN and will communicate further with the Ministry of Industrial to learn further about the technicality of TKDN. All in all, IPMG and KPK are together hand in hand aligned to ensure clean and healthy business ethics in the healthcare sector.

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