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COVID-19 Things to Know to Build Global Trust in the Vaccines

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Since the launch of the #TeamVaccines campaign in February 2021, a lot has changed. Over 3 billion vaccine doses have been administered globally and we now have real-life data and information to share. We can now show the positive impact of the global roll-out of vaccines, but also address the key barriers or questions related to vaccines.

As part of the evolving #TeamVaccines campaign, IFPMA has recently launched #19ThingsToKnow, a new series of information-based messages designed to continue to build global trust and confidence in COVID-19 vaccines through the remainder of 2021.

#19ThingsToKnow features a series of 19 informational messages about COVID-19 vaccines that we feel help respond to changes in the evolving global COVID-19 landscape (vaccine availability, positive impact, global rollout, variants, adverse events, misinformation, risks/benefits, etc.). These simple factual messages complement the earlier emotive and personal films featuring the people developing the vaccines and are designed to enhance and leverage existing #TeamVaccines assets. More information can be found here.

We hope you will continue to show your support for #TeamVaccines and share #19ThingsToKnow across your social media channels and internally with your colleagues. Let’s share the knowledge, not the virus!

It’s easy to download and share #19ThingsToKnow on our bespoke social media hub where you can also find suggested social media messages which you can adapt and change to your own specific needs. We also invite you to share this hub with your key stakeholders, such as patients organizations or associations representing healthcare workers, so that they can also easily adopt the campaign on their channels.

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